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Choose a style of hat, a main color, and 2 to 3 accent colors.  Designs can be geometrics, mountains, snowflakes or alpacas.

About Pax Knits

Cheri Paxson, Colorado native, Nordic skiing enthusiast and knitting entrepreneur, opened her custom-knit business in 1988, designing knitwear for the recreation industry.  

Pax Knits specializes in designing hats and custom winter wear from exotic animal fibers such as alpaca and llama fleece, incorporating updated version of Andean folk patterns and traditional ski designs.

Paxson designs and teaches out of her "Fiber Barn" in rural Longmont, Colorado, with breathtaking views of Longs Peak to inspire her.  She raises fiber-producing llamas and alpacas.

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Ear Warmers / Headbands
Alpaca fleece. 

Prices:      All other Hats
Earflap hat - $50 "3-in-1" Cashmere - $55  
Round-top hat - $45  Tapestry hat - $89
Kids Round-Top hat - $35  Felt hat - $79 (with flaps - $89)
Peak-top - $35   Crochet Tam's - $69
Headbands - $25 Putter Cover - Any color $18

Golf Club covers - Set of four - 1 main color, numbers are in accent colors, graphite length is available.  Wool-blend and lined with fleece.  State numbers and main color when ordering. - $55

Shipping $5


Alpaca is the Texture of Luxury
Alpaca Yarn
(2oz / 150 yd)
- hand-dye skeins $13.50 oz.
- natural skeins $13.00 oz.
- Raw Fleece $6.00 oz.

Paco Vicuna Yarn
(1oz lace wt / 170 yd)

- skeins @ $37.00 each.
(1oz finger wt / 170 yd)
- skeins @ $37.00 each.
(1oz med lite wt / 60 yd)
- skeins @ $37.00 each.
(1oz raw fleece)
- clean raw fleece for spinning.
4 colors - white, lt. fawn, med fawn, drk. fawn
Cheri Paxson
Longmont, CO 80504
Kathy Bright
Salida, CO 81201
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Workshops - FIBER ART  E-mail for dates

Classes start in February.  

Pax Ranch in Longmont - 13761 Elmore Rd., Longmont, CO 80504       (303)-506-7454


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Paco Vicuna:
Paco Vicuna Farm Salida - see Jefferson Farms Alpacas 

Alpaca Breeders:
Our yarns are SPUN exclusively from the finest Alpaca fleeces, raised at Xanadu Farms in Platteville Colorado

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